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Introducing AirLink Blue, our new wireless outdoor and indoor wireless lighting control system.  It is a simple, feature-rich wireless Bluetooth mesh network for outdoor and indoor lighting applications. AirLink Blue provides energy savings, code compliance and enhanced safety/security for outdoor parking lots, gas station/convenience stores, parking garages as well as indoor commercial spaces. The integrated fixture sensor module can control multiple luminaires based on motion or daylight and events can be scheduled based on time of day or an astronomical clock. AirLink Blue is commissioned to the owner’s requirements via a web app simplifying the start-up process. Updates and modifications to the control strategy are easily implemented via an intuitive smartphone app. AirLink Blue is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects.



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Features & Specifications

  • Specifically designed for outdoor and indoor applications: parking lots, gas station/convenience stores and parking garages as well as commercial interior spaces.
  • Wireless Bluetooth mesh integrated fixture sensor module simplifies installation.
  • Sensor module provides multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight. Multiple fixtures can be grouped to be controlled by a single sensor.
  • Ability to schedule multiple events based on time of day or Astronomical clock with the addition of the AirLink Blue Time Keeper.
  • Fixtures are commissioned to the owner’s requirements via a web app. Changes and modifications can be made in the field via a iOS smart phone app.
  • Compatible outdoor fixtures include Mirada Area Large and Medium and Small, Slice Area Medium, Mirada Wall Medium and Small, Scottsdale Canopy (SCV, SCM), Excursion Garage, Opulence, Constitution.
  • Compatible indoor fixtures include LPEC, LPASC, OPT, SFP FS, S, SDL, DW, SW, 88RK, EG3, EGW
  • Silvair is our technology partner for the AirLink Blue web and mobile App based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth Mesh standard.

Silvair – Fast and Easy Commissioning Step by Step Guide

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