AirLink Synapse Site Manager Controller


The AirLink site controller serves as the heart of your outdoor lighting solution, allowing local control without the internet through the AirLink Site Manager.

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Features & Specifications

No recurring software fee—buy once, use forever.

Multiple Zones, Behaviors, Events and Schedules.

AirLink creates a Wi-Fi connection to smart phone, tablet, or PC for local access, or can be hardwired for remote access.

Optional remote access service available.

Stand alone systems available (no internet access required) .

Firmware Upgrades via USB Flash Drive.

Sunrise and Sunset Schedules driven by latitude and longitude.

Optional Cellular Connectivity (ALS-SM-WIFI-VER-CELL).

Mounts in IT room or electrical room.

Photometrics & Applications

Lighting Layout Request BIM (Revit) Library