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The AirLink Outdoor product line is the perfect solution for commercial, industrial and municipal applications, such as: auto dealerships, parking lots, garages, shopping complexes, and warehouses where robust wireless communication is required.

AirLink Outdoor utilizes a 2.4 GHz Self-Healing Mesh Network. The flexibility and scalability of the system make it perfect for both new construction and retrofit projects. The user-friendly AirLink Outdoor web application is accessible through any device with an internet connection and allows for complete customization of the system and its features.

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Features & Specifications

Integrated Fixtures

AirLink is available in a variety of fixtures, designed for both new construction & retrofit applications. Depending on the fixture, it can be integrated with the wireless controller or the control receptacle for a twist lock controller.

Control Options

  • Occupancy/vacancy sensing turns lights on when occupants are in a space & off when they vacate the space
  • Daylight harvesting dims the light-level when daylight is available to light the space
  • Scheduling provides pre-programmed changes in light levels based on time of day
  • Demand response automatically reduces lighting loads during peak electricity usage times
  • Plug load control automatically turns off loads after occupants leave a space
  • High-end trim sets the maximum light level based on customer requirements in each space
  • Personal dimming control gives occupants the ability to adjust the light output to their comfort level
  • HVAC integration controls heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems through contact closure or BACnet protocol
  • Energy Monitoring within the web app identifies energy usage information to drive decision making & demonstrate savings

Photometrics & Applications

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