The AirLink Indoor 8AMP with Dimming has been discontinued. New Product

AirLink Indoor 8AMP with Dimming


The 8AMP power pack with 0–10V dimming is a radio frequency (RF) device that operates 0–10V controlled fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers based on input from wireless switches & ceiling-mounted wireless sensors. Communication with RF input devices, such as wireless switches and ceiling-mounted wireless sensors (daylighting, occupancy or vacancy), is accomplished using Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology.

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Features & Specifications

Receives wireless inputs from up to 10 wireless switches, 10 ceiling-mounted wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, and 1 ceiling-mounted wireless daylight sensor.

Controls up to 60mA of 0–10V controlled fixtures together. 0–10V control link automatically sources or sinks to 3rd-party fixtures. 0 –10V control miss wire protection up to 30V. 0 –10V control can be programmed to be inverted for 10 – 0V control.

Capable of switching 8A total.

Configurable high- and low-end trim. LED status indicator shows current load status and provides programming feedback.

Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, connected loads will return to the previous level prior to interruption.

Programming lockout can be enabled for public spaces.

Mounts to a junction box through a standard-size knockout.

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