USA Pickleball Newport Beach Championships:

Jul 02, 2021

The Road to Nationals has begun! The first tournament of four of the USA Pickleball National Championship Series began this week in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. With 39 courts going and over 900+ players, all trying for their spot at Nationals. From celebrities to pros and everyone in between. Pickleball has arrived! After attending several tournaments this year, the pickleball community never ceases to amaze me. Their excitement about the sport and their willingness to volunteer and applaud you on a good shot you just made against them. Another example is camaraderie. During the National Anthem on Day 2, the microphone cut out. One would think that we would have to stop and wait for things to get fixed and then restart again taking precious warm-up time away from the players… But no, not with this wonderful group of people. When the mic cut out, all 200+ players that were here onsite started singing their hearts out. I had goosebumps. Hearing all the players come together as one was amazing and a real testament to the sport. A great start to the day.

Being the Official Lighting Partner of USA Pickleball, LSI Industries has been welcomed with open arms by USA Pickleball, volunteers, referees and the players. We are so proud to be a part of this sport and this group of people and we look forward to our future together. Best of luck to all the players and we will see you at the National Championships in December!