How to Organize Your Next Pickleball Round Robin

Dec 08, 2021


Looking for a holiday party idea? Have the week off and want to spend it with family and friends? Pickleball round robins are a great way to spend your down time during the holidays. Its a chance to be active, competitive, and socialize with friends. How to get started? Pick a number.

Pick a Number

This format is ideal for groups of any size and is very easy. You can do as many rounds as you would like depending on your time frame.

  • Play one game to 11, win by one, each round. Each game takes approx. 15-17 minutes
  • Play one game to 15, win by one, each round. Each game takes approx. 20-22 minutes

Each player is given a number. All numbers are put in a bucket and pairings are made. The winning player is chosen based on win-loss records. If there is a tie, it is broken by point differential (the numerical gap between points scored and points allowed).

Playing at night?

The right lighting makes all the difference and dramatically enhances your experience! LSI Lighting is the official lighting partner of USA Pickleball and is illuminating courts all over.

Look for our lights where you play!