Parking Garage Design Selector

Use the design selector to locate the appropriate design(s) based upon the selection of the design parameters. Design(s) that satisfy the parameters will be presented below. The lighting design(s) are offered in the PDF file format for easy web viewing, transfer, and printability. Please download design layouts to your computer and use the Adobe Acrobat Reader for optimum viewing experience.

All Design configurations meet at least:
Horizontal minimum of 0.90FC
Horizontal max:min uniformity of 10:1
Horizontal avg:min uniformity of 4:1
Drive Aisle Vertical minimum of 0.50FC
All Designs meet IES RP-8 and IES G-1. Fixtures are tested to IES LM-79 Standards

The Design Matrix for the below design configurations can be downloaded Here.

Application Layouts are also available upon request.

Lighting Layout Request