PIR Sensor with 0–10V Dimming


The 0-10V Passive Infrared (PIR) Dimming Wall Switch Sensor (WS OSPC I 10) combines passive infrared technology for 0-10V ON/OFF dimming control and daylight harvesting. The WS OSPC I 10 sensor uses a self-adjusting timer and PIR technology to scan for movement and turn lights off after a set amount of time, preventing false triggers. The WS OSPC I 10 offers selectable operating modes for auto-ON/OFF and manual-ON/auto-OFF operation.

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Features & Specifications

β€’ The WS OSPC I 10 provides a maintenance free, install-and-forget operation with selectable operating modes:
– Auto-ON/OFF
– Manual-ON/OFF

β€’ Self-adaptive technology: no manual adjustment required

β€’ Meets energy code requirements for ASHRAE Standard 90.1, California Title 24 and IECC, UL and cUL listed

β€’ One relay module for single-level switching

β€’ Field of view: 1,000 square feet and 180Β° of detection

β€’ Adjustable time delay:
– Auto mode: 4-30 minutes; self-adjusts based on occupancy
– Fixed mode: 4, 8, 15 and 30 minutes
– Test mode: 5 seconds for simplified commissioning

β€’ No minimum load requirement

β€’ Zero arc point switching

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