Multi-Technology Wall/Corner Occupancy Sensor


Passive infrared technology is an excellent and precise sensing of motion for turning the lights on, but lacks sensitivity for minor motion at distances. Ultrasonic (U/S) technology provides maximum sensitivity with continuous reflective high frequency waves. This is opitmal for keeping the lights on. The OS 12W M combines the benefits of both PIR and U/S technologies for unrivaled performance and reliability.

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Features & Specifications

β€’ Multi-Technology: By using both PIR and U/S signals, the sensor minimizes false triggering for high reliability.

β€’ Flexible Base Mounting: Supplied twist-and-lock base mount permits fast alignment. Supplied cover hides mounting hardware and wires. Can be used with raceways for hard surface installations. Adjustable canopy for wall or ceiling mount.

β€’ Wide Coverage: Over 1200 sq. ft of coverage.

β€’ Fast, Simple Installation: A single mounting post and three color coded wires make installation easy.

β€’ Self-Adjusting: Internal microprocessor continually analyzes, evaluates and adjusts sensitivity and time delay settings. Performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated.

β€’ Non-Volatile Memory: Learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages.

β€’ Timer Setting Feature: Automatic – 30sec – 30min. Test mode – 6sec with auto exit programming.

β€’ Ambient Light Recognition: A Light Sensor prevents lights from turning on when the room is adequately lit by natural light.

β€’ Walk-Through: Provides increased energy savings by decreasing the time delay to 2.5min when someone momentarily walks through the monitored space.

β€’ Custom off-white color matched for shaded ceiling/corner spaces and most common ceiling tiles.

β€’ Uses OSPP xx Series Power Pack: Uses Class 2, 24 volt wiring, three wire connection (low voltage). Multiple sensors can control single or multiple power packs.

β€’ Power base (OSPB 15A) available for line voltage applications

β€’ High Motion Sensitivity: The large lens area and multi-element lens design give excellent range and sensitivity.

β€’ Infrared Sensing: High sensitivity 9.8 micron detector dual element.

β€’ Device: High-impact housing and injection molded plastic. Color coded wire leads are 6” long (16.24 cm). β€’ Lens: 110˚ aperture, lens opening 2.2” x 1.47”, 36 elements (72 zones) small motion range 31 ft, large motion 68 ft.

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