Multi-Technology Occupancy Sensor


The PIR sensors provide immunity to false ON through a specialized Fresnel lens which divides the field-of-view into sensor zones. The Ultrasonic (U/S) sensors provide maximum sensitivity and range in difficult spaces with irregular shaped rooms and partitions that can block the PIR field-of-view. A pair of U/S sensors will detect Doppler shifts caused by motion in a space preventing false OFF. These sensors are more sensitive to small movements since they do not rely on zones.

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Features & Specifications


• Convenient Pushbutton provides manual-ON/OFF light switching at any time.

• Vandal resistant PIR segmented Fresnel lens provides optimum sensitivity and performance. Designed with an extensive “minor motion” area where even slight body movements will be detected.

• Low-profile design eliminates obtrusive “scanning-device” look.

• Time: The delayed OFF time is preset at 30 minutes in the Auto Adapting mode. A choice of four delayed-OFF time settings are available: 30-seconds (for walking test purposes only), 10, 20, and 30 minutes for fixed time and auto adapting. The LED will flash when the adjusting knob is set to the indicated time value.

• Ambient Light Recognition: Integrated light sensor prevents lights from turning on when the room is adequately illuminated by natural light.

• Self-Adaptive Technology: Callbacks for adjustment are eliminated. Time delay and sensitivity settings are continually adjusted to occupant patterns of use in auto adapt mode.

• Exclusive Walk-through Feature provides increased energy savings by not leaving the lights ON for an extended period after only momentary occupancy.

• Vacancy Confirmation: When the time out expires and the relays turn OFF, a 30 second, vacancy confirmation exists to turn the relays back on.

• Provides a 180° field-of-view with a maximum coverage area of approximately 2400 square feet. The maximum sensing distance in front of the sensor is 40 feet, and side to side is 30 feet.

• Presentation Mode feature: For slide or film presentations, allows pushbuttons to turn lights OFF and keep them OFF while the room is occupied.

• Exclusive H.I.S. Circuitry. Specifically designed to handle today’s high inrush electronic ballast loads and offer unmatched durability and service.

• True Zero-Cross Relay switches at the zero crossing point of the AC power curve to ensure maximum contactor life and compatibility with electronic ballasts.

• Fast, simple Installation: Fits in a standard wall box and replaces a single-pole wall-switch. Sensor can be ganged together with other units in a multiple-switch wall plate.

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