Emergency Power Transfer Control (2, 3 or 4 Wire Dim)


The ELCR XXX-6A234 is a single zone, silent emergency transfer control with universal dimming capability. It can be used with 2 and 3-wire line voltage dimming systems, as well as 0–10V, DALI, and Lutron EcoSystem.

The ELCR allows emergency lighting to be dimmed with regular lighting during normal times. In the event of a utility power interruption, the ELCR automatically transfer designated emergency fixtures from the dimming control to the emergency power source and bring them to full brightness, regardless of whether the dimming system is in operation or turned off.

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Features & Specifications

• Slim, attractive flush mount profile allows easy access to manual test switch and LEDs.

• Separate Utility & Emergency Power Indicator LEDs for regular and emergency power allow verification of correct wiring connections.

• Integral Test Switch provides convenient anytime testing.

• Voltage Surge Protection insures reliable performance under adverse conditions.

• Emergency Power Supervision: An ELCR uses internal supervision circuits to prevent emergency luminaires from illuminating during normal times if Emergency Hot or Neutral conductors have been interrupted. This gives warning that a problem exists with emergency supply, which would be unnoticed, especially when mounted above the ceiling tile.

• Triple Interlock (electrical, mechanical, and time delay) maximizes safety and reliability of the ELCR, by eliminating arcing and the potential for phase to phase shorts between separate powers sources during transfer.

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