Dual Technology Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor


The Dual Technology Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor applies exclusive XCT Technology to the ultrasonic as well as the passive infrared technology in this sensor to create a product that can detect very fine motion, such as typing. This product also includes: adaptive relay switching, smart ambient light detection, and simple button presses for changing settings. This switch is available in single-circuit and dual-circuit versions.

The single-circuit versions (WS XX DT) can be used to meet many of the Title 20/24, ASHRAE 90.1, and IECC code requirements such as “automatic shutoff”. The dual-circuit version (WS OS DTDR) can be used to meet many of the Title 20/24, ASHRAE 90.1, and IECC code requirements such as “automatic shutoff” and “multi-level lighting control”.

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Features & Specifications

•XCT Technology for major, minor, fine, and very fine motion detection

• Tamper-resistant PIR lens provides 180° sensor field-of-view

• Up to 900 ft2 (81m2) major motion coverage and 400ft2 (36m2) minor motion coverage

• Two Ambient Light Detect (ALD) options: – Learning ALD Mode: sensors use adaptive algorithm to learn preferred light level over time – Fixed ALD mode: four selectable light level thresholds (Hi, Med, Low, Min)

• Occupancy models (WS OS DT, WS OS DTDR) can be set to Auto-ON / Auto-OFF or Manual ON / Auto-OFF per circuit

• The dual-circuit model (WS OS DTDR) meets Title 24 requirements for multi-level lighting control

• Single-circuit “Vacancy” model (WS VS DT) available to meet Title 24 / Title 20 requirements for vacancy sensors

• Adjustable timeout for each circuit (1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes)

• Sensitivity adjustment: PIR (Hi, Med, Low, Min); Ultrasonic (Hi, Med, Low, Off)

• Switches all lighting loads: incandescent, halogen, ELV, MLV, CFL, LED, magnetic fluorescent, electronic fluorescent • Switches fan loads at 120 V

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Photometrics & Applications

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