Better Customer Experience and Marketing Efficiency, Reduced Waste and Costs

Panda Restaurant Group

With approximately 2,000 restaurants and 39,000 employees, Panda Restaurant Group, a long-time LSI customer, is a world-leader in Asian dining experiences and the parent company of Panda Inn, Panda Express and Hibachi-San.

Whether through sharing good food with guests or providing opportunities for professional and personal growth with associates, all are embraced in a genuine family environment that is uniquely Panda.

The Challenges

Enhance the Customer Experience

As part of their ongoing efforts to maintain a modern, welcoming environment at their restaurants, Panda Express wanted to use technology to help keep customers engaged while ordering food and enjoying their meals. Reduce Printed Item Inventory and Waste While printed signage will always play an important role in restaurant marketing, Panda Express sought to reduce their need for paper signs and other printed communications – much of which can become outdated and unused inventory.

Improve Marketing Efficiency

The ability to communicate various promotions and meal options throughout the day was important to Panda Express. The company needed a way to push digital messages to multiple restaurants in real time – all at the same time.

Lower Print Costs

To help reduce costs without sacrificing the quality and quantity of their communications, Panda Express was investigating digital solutions in order to decrease their need for printed signs, posters and other items.

We’re very impressed with LSI’s dedication to the customer. The company provides valuable insights to grow, learn and change with us.

– Adrianna Catania, Marketing Department at Panda Restaurant Group

The Solution

LSI’s Digital Signage, Flat Panel Television Monitors and Digital Menu Boards LSI provided Panda Express with onsite assessments; consultative services; hardware and software acquisition and installation; content creation and management, as well as training and support.

Digital signage was a key component of the solution – giving Panda Express the ability to promote special offers, community involvement and other important information about the company.

In addition, to help keep customers engaged and entertained while at Panda Express, LSI installed flat panel monitors to broadcast live television.

Digital menu boards were also installed in place of traditional printed signs and posters. Digital menu boards give Panda Express the ability to easily change their offering in real time while displaying high-quality images to customers.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

  • Bright, clear digital messages attract attention, enhance customer engagement and increase upsell potential.
  • Eliminate the need to manually swap printed menus throughout the day.
  • Lower costs by decreasing the need for printed marketing materials.
  • Manage content from anywhere.
  • Easily comply with health care disclosure requirements.

The Results

Following the installation of LSI’s digital marketing and communications solutions, Panda Express was able to enhance the customer experience at hundreds of their restaurants.

LSI’s digital solution also created cost savings by decreasing the use of printed marketing materials. As a result, the need to maintain an inventory of printed materials was reduced, minimizing the waste associated with disposing unused or outdated signs, posters and other printed items.


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  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Live Television
  • Digital, on-screen information and promotions
  • Live television for entertainment
  • Reduction in printed item inventory
  • Solution deployed at more than 600 Panda Express restaurants
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Greater marketing efficiency
  • Expanded communication capabilities
  • Lower print costs
  • Reduced waste