Enhancing the Customer
Experience, Improved Marketing

Villa Restaurant Group: Multiple Locations

Villa Restaurant Group® (VRG) is a global multibrand restaurant operator and franchisor. Founded in 1964 by Michele (Michael) Scotto, a Naples, Italy native, Villa Restaurant Group, began as a small pizzeria next to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. Today, Villa Restaurant Group is an international organization with nearly 300 restaurants in malls, airports, casinos and other high-traffic locations.


The Opportunity

Bolster an Iconic Brand

When LaGuardia Airport was planning their extensive revitalization plan, VRG was awarded the opportunity to create an impressive representation of New York culture and pride in the airport’s food court. VRG was selected due to their ability to deliver new and innovative restaurant brands that reflect the best in local NYC dining options transformed into a contemporary food hall experience. As part of their plan, VGR selected LSI to implement a comprehensive digital menu solution at their six quick service restaurants in the new space, including:

  • Hill Country
  • Green Leaf’s
  • Zaro’s Family Bakery
  • Junior’s Restaurant and Cheesecake
  • Tony + Benny’s Pizza Parlor
  • Dos Toros Taqueria

Why LSI?

VRG selected LSI because of our well-established business relationship and trusted, proven ability to provide value across all facets of the project.

  • Trust: Proudly serving VRG since 2017
  • Experience: More than 20 years managing menu programs for quick service restaurants
  • Value: Cost-competitive, turnkey program

The Solution

Comprehensive Digital Menu Solution

LSI used its internal team of specialists to deploy
a comprehensive digital menu solution at six VRG restaurants at LaGuardia Airport. The program included consultative services, hardware and software, installation and commissioning, content creation and management, training and ongoing support.

This turnkey solution enhances VRG’s ability to steer customer attention to higher margin menu items. It also allows them to refresh menu content and pricing more quickly and easily as compared to traditional printed materials. Importantly, LSI’s experts help VRG avoid complicated menu designs that can confuse customers by creating visual chaos.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

As an innovative company, VRG is using LSI’s digital menu solution to enhance the overall customer experience. We see this on the tech front every day where the user experience, or UX, is at the forefront of value. It’s no different in QSR, and that is a key reason why VRG deployed LSI’s digital solution – to meet the needs of their customers and, as a result, their businesses.

LSI’s digital menu solution also help VRG create a very engaging, high-interest sales environment. It’s an effective soft-sell communication platform that enhances VRG’s marketing efforts in support their business operations and growth initiatives.

We were delighted to work with LSI. Their digital menus help make our LaGuardia Airport restaurants a destination all by themselves.

– Mimi Wunderlich
Director, Communications & Digital Marketing Strategy at Villa Restaurant Group

The Results

Following the installation of LSI’s digital menu solution, VRG was able to enhance the customer experience with vibrant content, increase marketing efficiencies and draw additional attention to higher margin items.

The solution also created cost savings by decreasing the use of printed marketing items.
As a result, the need to maintain an inventory of printed materials was reduced, minimizing the waste associated with disposing unused or outdated menus, signs, posters and other printed items.

LSI Industries

Our lights and graphics are everywhere you look!

LSI’s products are used extensively in petroleum stations, grocery stores and pharmacies, automotive dealerships, quick service restaurants, retail establishments, sports complexes, parking lots and garages, and commercial and industrial buildings.


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Comprehensive QSR digital menu solution

  • Hardware and software installation
  • System startup / commissioning
  • Digital content creation and management
  • Employee training
  • Ongoing service and support
Results & Benefits
  • Enhanced the customer experience with vibrant, dynamic content
  • Ability to quickly and easily refresh food options and pricing anytime, day or night
  • Can effectively direct attention to higher margin specials and promotions
  • Can easily comply with healthcare disclosure regulations
  • Gained increased efficiency by eliminating the need to manually swap printed menus
  • Gained greater control over marketing spend