Digital Menu Board Project Implementation

Customer: One of the largest Quick Serve Restaurants in the World

Ranked among the world’s top fast food chains by annual revenue, this customer selected ADAPT in early 2020 to manage a highly complex, multi-site digital menu board implementation project across more than 6,000 locations throughout North America.  LSI, which is ADAPT’s parent company, is assembling and shipping the digital menu boards while ADAPT, the company’s project management services team, is performing the lead system integrator function, which includes project management and installation responsibilities until the implementation is completed in 2022.

The Challenges

Optimize Drive-Thru Operations

In an effort to optimize their drive-thru business, the customer wanted to install digital menu boards at thousands of their restaurants. The objective, among others, was to enhance the customer experience, decrease drive-thru wait times and gain the ability to simultaneously refresh menu options and pricing across numerous locations. Given the scale and complexity of the project, the large number of contractors and vendors involved, as well as differences between various restaurant properties, the customer selected ADAPT, a trusted partner for decades, to manage every aspect of the implementation.

Drive-Thru Business Continuity

During every installation, business continuity is critical. As contractors and equipment arrive at each restaurant, drive-thru lanes need to remain open and installations need to be completed quickly. This is especially important because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated indoor dining and made drive-thru sales the lifeblood of the business.

Project Coordination and Management

This project requires highly complex coordination between ADAPT, the customer’s leadership team, individual franchisees and multiple vendors and contractors working at thousands of job sites. From the ordering process to site surveys to contractor selection, installations, customer service, reporting and more, the number of moving parts is staggering. ADAPT was chosen because of our proven ability to coordinate all project communications and activities, allowing the customer to remain focused on what matters most to them – operating their business.

The Solution

ADAPT Project Management Services

Our team of internal specialists is managing the entire project, and one of our first priorities was to deploy an intuitive online ordering system used by the customer’s corporate leadership team and franchise owners. This standardized the ordering process, created ongoing procurement efficiencies and provides real-time visibility of orders, parts and costs. As orders are received, we are the central point of contact between all parties involved – managing every detail on behalf of the customer so they can focus on their business without interruption. Equally important, we continue to provide customer support following each installation.

Vendor Coordination

As the project’s single source of contact for all parties involved, ADAPT coordinates every activity necessary to complete the implementation on time and on budget. We are responsible for conducting site surveys at thousands of locations, processing the data and implementing the rollout. This requires significant expertise and complex coordination between ADAPT, the customer and the project’s vendors and contractors.

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

The ability to track, measure and report progress is an essential customer requirement. In that regard, our online tools allow the customer to receive status reports and project dashboards in real-time, anytime. In addition, our customer service team provides daily updates, and manages every issue, to keep the project running on schedule.

The Results

By coordinating every activity required to manage this highly complex, multi-location project, ADAPT is ensuring that the customer is able to focus on their top priority throughout the implementation – operating their business.

The project is set to be completed on time and one budget, and the customer is now realizing their objectives at thousands of locations. These objectives include, among others, enhancing the customer experience, decreasing drive-thru wait times and gaining the ability to simultaneously refresh menu options and pricing across numerous locations.

As a result of our performance, the customer awarded us an additional highly-complex, multisite project that requires the installation of graphics and signage inside their restaurants.

ADAPT Project Management Services from LSI Industries, Inc.

ADAPT provides comprehensive project management services to many of America’s largest corporations. With a focus on retailers, quick service restaurants, grocery stores, petroleum stations and convenience stores, we are experts at managing highly complex, multi-site data collection initiatives and lighting, graphics and digital signage implementations – all of which must be perfectly aligned with our clients’ corporate standards.


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  • ADAPT comprehensive project management services


  • Ongoing, seamless digital menu board implementations


  • Competency: Expertise not available in-house
  • Efficiency: Single point of contact for all activities
  • Accuracy: Site surveys and installation coordination
  • Visibility: Real-time project tracking and reporting
  • Loyalty: World-class customer service
  • Consistency: Brand alignment across all locations