Brand Re-Imaging Project Management

Customer: One of the largest Convenience Store Chains in the World

This long-time customer is ranked among the world’s largest convenience store chains by annual revenue.  From their world-famous logo to their classic food products, this customer’s reputation is synonymous with C-store quality.  Since 2005, LSI’s dedicated team of project management experts, better known as ADAPT, has managed the customer’s highly complex, multi-site brand re-imaging projects at thousands of locations throughout North America.

The Challenges

Project Complexity

Each year, this customer builds, acquires and/or rebrands hundreds of properties, which allows them to bolster their iconic image in every market they serve.  Given the scale of these projects, the large number of contractors and vendors involved, as well as differences between various facilities, the customer trusts ADAPT to navigate the complexities with proven experience and expertise.  From collecting permits, quotes and proposals to managing purchase orders and much more, we take care of everything.

Coordination and Management

Re-imaging projects require highly complex coordination between ADAPT, the customer’s leadership team, individual franchisees and multiple vendors and contractors working at numerous job sites.  From the ordering process to site surveys to contractor selection, installations, customer service, reporting and more, the number of moving parts is staggering.  At ADAPT, we have repeatedly proven our ability to coordinate all project communications and activities, allowing the customer to remain focused on what matters most to them – operating their business.

Business Continuity

Throughout the implementation process, business continuity is critical.  As contractors and equipment arrive at each site, the doors must remain open for shoppers and installations need to be completed quickly.  Activities need to be meticulously coordinated and tight schedules need to be managed to ensure that both corporate stores and franchises can operate their businesses without major distractions or interruptions.

The Solution

ADAPT Project Management Services

When starting a re-imaging project, we perform a number of strategic assessments to help the customer develop their Branding Strategy, which standardizes their image across multiple facilities and markets.  We obtain approvals from all stakeholders and assemble all orders – handling every detail on behalf of the customer so they can focus on their business without interruption.  Equally important, we continue to provide customer support following each implementation – even managing vendor warranties when necessary.

Vendor Coordination

As the project’s single source of contact for all parties involved, ADAPT coordinates every activity necessary to complete the implementation on time and on budget.  We are responsible for conducting site surveys at hundreds of locations, processing the data, delivering accurate sign plans, aligning a myriad of brand elements and implementing the rollout.  This requires significant expertise and complex coordination between ADAPT, the customer and the project’s contractors and vendors.

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

The ability to track, measure and report progress is an essential customer requirement.  In that regard, our online tools allow the customer to receive status reports and project dashboards in real-time, anytime.  In addition, our customer service team provides daily updates, and manages every issue, to keep the project running on schedule.

The Results

By coordinating every activity required to mange their highly complex, multi-location re-imaging projects, ADAPT ensures that the customer is able to focus on their top priorities throughout every implementation – operating their existing businesses without disruption and/or opening a new store on time without delay.  When a re-imaging project is completed, the end result is a vibrant, brand-compliant store that helps our customer:

  • Attract new shoppers
  • Enhance shopper engagement
  • Enhance marketing communications
  • Boost shopper satisfaction
  • Create unique and engaging spaces

ADAPT Project Management Services from LSI Industries, Inc.

ADAPT provides comprehensive project management services to many of America’s largest corporations. With a focus on retailers, quick service restaurants, grocery stores, petroleum stations and convenience stores, we are experts at managing highly complex, multi-site data collection initiatives and lighting, graphics and digital signage implementations – all of which must be perfectly aligned with our clients’ corporate standards.


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  • ADAPT comprehensive project management services


  • Ongoing, seamless brand re-imaging implementations at hundreds of stores each year


  • Efficiency: Single point of contact for all activities
  • Consistency: Brand alignment across all locations
  • Competency: Expertise not available in-house
  • Accuracy: Site surveys and installation coordination
  • Visibility: Real-time project tracking and reporting
  • Loyalty: World-class customer support